The Tide Remixes by Wildlight

The spirit of collaboration is the essence of Wildlight. Born out of the artistic union between Ayla Nereo and The Polish Ambassador, the duo is an anomaly, having carved out a sound and a niche all their own. Earlier this year, Wildlight released an all-acoustic version of their magnificent sophomore album; to the close the calendar year they return to unveil The Tide: Remixes. Thirteen thrilling original songs are righteously reimagined; delivered in delectable fashion by a global assembly of progressive producers. 

The journey opens with a juicy departure, traveling to the far-off shores of France, as CloZee's atmospheric redux gives "Rain" an elasticity that lends itself to exuberance. Handclaps and a floating sample echoing Ayla's voice propels a mid-tempo groove into the Zen zone, inviting the listener to dance, meditate, or pray for the waters. 

Isaac Chambers and Jarred Brereton's joyful take on "Lily Moon" is a sweeping, dreamy reggae groove; Nevada City's own Ryan Herr invigorates "Get Up Out Your Way," the virtuoso uncorking a sexy, mid-tempo house number. "Holy Dust" benefits from the mystical mind of Jumpsuit's own Scott Nice, another Gold Country secret weapon. Similarly, Sol Rising promises new beginnings on "The Crucible" with warm minor tones, whispered synths and minimalist drums. 


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