Jumpsuit Records is a music curation project of The Polish Ambassador and his cohort of scientists, spirit animals and vibe consultants.  Jumpsuit aims to offer a steady supply of nutritious auditory vitamins in digital music format as well as live music performance. 

Expect an eclectic palette of sounds coming from the Jumpsuit camp: Electronic, post-folk, neo-funk, world, acoustic, hip hop, and experimental are but a smattering. There's no limit to the sounds we boost into the far reaches of the galaxy because well....we love all styles of music. 

For all digital music on Jumpsuit, we have a "name your price" policy. It's our way of hooking EVERYONE up with fresh tunes. And for those who choose to financially support Jumpsuit Records and its artists, a portion of monies earned from your plays goes toward non-profits & community organizations!

Thanks for reading this. Thanks for listening. Thanks for supporting Jumpsuit. Check back soon. We're sure to have some new tunes to whet your whistle.