The Tide by Wildlight

Wildlight is a collaboration between Ayla Nereo, a singer whom I’ve just started to follow that covers a diverse world and folk styled music, and David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador. The resulting mix is a beautiful blend of electronic pop tracks that are perfectly accented with World music elements and a great selection of instruments. 

Opener “Rain” sets up things perfectly with a mid-tempo pop beat that is covered with synthesized Koto and Ayla singing like a wolf, calling and responding to her cries. In between that there’s a solid pop track too but it’s the mature world fusion elements that really elevate the album as a whole to a top tier album. “Crucible” swaps out koto for hammered dulcimers (my favorite instrument alongside a piano) and some beautifully muted tuned percussion. The result, when paired alongside a fast vocal and smooth trip-hop beats, is phenomenal. It’s like audio silk. “Ours to Give” changes it up for Spanish guitar and just like the dulcimer before, the fluidity of the instrument stops something quite rigid like a four-chord keyboard pattern becoming stale as it is dotted around the track to accent lines and motifs. The first two tracks are slightly darker in tone whilst this track has an uplifting chorus and a more ethereal vocal treatment. 


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