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Planet Fruition by Isaac Chambers

A globalized gumbo of electronic reggae vibrations, New Zealand's mystic maestro Isaac Chambers delivers a thrilling Jumpsuit Records debut with the Planet Fruition EP. Harnessing an irie-island ethos and marrying it with colors and fabrics found within spiritualized electronic music, Chambers has unveiled an exciting compass on the never-ending search for new land. Mixing downtempo beat science with bulbous bass and mesmerizing melodies, the biggest star shines bright for this Kiwi conqueror. 

Embarking on the endeavor with an ethereal first single "Communication", Chambers enlists the snake-charming vocal talents of Bluey Moon; the vocalist also provides mightily on the slightly more uptempo "Cornerstone." Messages of consciousness and healing the earth intersect with odes to empowerment, and illuminate worldwide efforts toward the building of communities focused on togetherness. The music serves the messages and vice versa; and the tandem is a potent collaboration- in art, and human harmony too. 

Mr. Chambers is multi-hued and mega-talented, short in stature but huge on vibes; his rhymes styles are front and center on the enriching missive "Confidence of Equals." Deeper in the journey, Isaac speeds things up with the funky, guitar-inflected "Change", dropping more knowledge-of-self and offering the keys to upward spiritual mobility alongside a salacious saxophone serenade. Arriving at our destination, we recognize these lush environs; welcome to the wonderland called Planet Fruition.

-B. Getz

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