One Under The Sun by Scott Nice

Northern California dance-floor general Scott Nice is back with his second release on Jumpsuit Records, One Under the Sun. A veteran of the burgeoning West Coast ecstatic dance scene, the longtime turntablist places a laser-focus on diversifying his sound palette over the course of this five-song EP.  Following his vision to unify our collective connection to an indigenous source, Nice expertly moves the crowd by crafting music that channels our roots and traditions, while weaving together disparate genres and sonics to create cutting-edge, super-fresh, dance floor anthems. 

Nice runs the proverbial gamut, and traverses across the sound spectrum beginning with "Flamingo Lingo", a melodic dose of slow-house smooth with a dose of hip-hop beats and scratches laced in the middle. A lovely transition to Iemanjo's  "Ciencia" finds Scott remixing this talented vocalists jam into a sultry, half-time 808 vibe.  "Wellspring" connects Mr. Nice with the light melodic guitar of Ananda Vaughn (Brightside Blue) and the deep minimal work of producer Nathan Hall (Random Collective), the trio arriving at a thunderous thump of low-end theory and introspective journey. 

The Polish Ambassador shows up at a crucial juncture as Mr. Nice and the world's funkiest diplomat go on a  future-funk synth escapade dubbed "Mothership Trip" adding a third collaboration to their growing duo discography. The record closes with ritual vocalist Shira Netanya's sweet rendering of "Avecitos" over a bed of bamboo flute, brought by Avi Burg, and the emotive chords and production we have come to expect from Scott Nice.

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Check out the debut album from Scott Nice

Check out the debut album from Scott Nice