It Takes a Village (Scott Nice Remixed) by Scott Nice

 On the dynamic It Takes a Village: Scott Nice Remixed, Scott Nice continues to bridge the gap between modern electronic music and indigenous rhythms. Employing a style he calls ‘Village Bass’, he strikes the delicate balance between organic feminine melodics and the masculine edge of digital sound design. The NorCal-based turntablist-turned-producer respectfully blends intonations from disparate dance music genres, warmly coalesced in a crystallized sound; “Village Bass” humbly seeks to congregate the tribes in a unified journey of celebration.
Curated selections from Scott Nice’s three previous records, It Takes a Village: Scott Nice Remixed brings together a colorful assembly of eleven producers from around the globe, each sharing in his passion for music that unifies. With a dozen contributions from old friends to esteemed heroes, the new album serves as a conclave for composers dedicated to creating dance-music-as-medicine, to water the roots of a blossoming conscious dance community.
Featuring remixes by El Búho, Yemanjo, Tone Ranger, Volo, Taz Rashid, Momentology, Intiche, Equanimous, Uji, Heartwurkz and Tropo.


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