Hers Was as Thunder by Wildlight

After immersing yourself fully into Wildlight’s debut album, a fitting theme quickly emerges. There’s overt femininity within the daring vocals and chilling ambiances of each track. This isn’t to say Hers Was As Thunder is strictly geared towards females, yet there seems to be a distinct push to explore their pivotal role in the music industry. Not just from the perspective of an artist, but from the soul of a woman hoping to level with those who understand their struggle. 

The visceral release coalesces two diametric forces, layering the folk-based vocals of Ayla Nereo with David Sugalski’s (The Polish Ambassador) harmonious, downtempo instrumentations. The finished product strikes a chord amongst supporters of both genres, drawing a fine line between two uncommonly mixed bodies of sound. Never shifting too far towards any single attribute, allowing electronic and terrene to complement the other. 


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