Grandfather Gold by Grandfather Gold

From the picturesque valley, rolling Yuba River, and Victorian cottages of Nevada County, California emerges Grandfather Gold. A relic from the old west, a 1960's folk poet, and contemporary singer-songwriter extraordinaire all-in-one, Grandfather Gold kicks down genre barriers, and emphatically opens up Jumpsuit Records to new artistic visions. This self-titled debut LP Grandfather Gold is a magic garden in song, as Brian Parks (multi-instrumentalist of Ayla Nereo's band) leaves no stone unturned in this passionate songbook. 

Acoustic guitar reigns supreme throughout the eleven tracks, a narrative that ruminates on matters of the heart, soul, mind and spirit. Harmonica, tasteful percussion, violin, mandolin, and fragile, vulnerable lyrics run the gamut across a wide-reaching canvas of content and creativity.  Jumpsuit familia Ayla Nereo, Tyson Leonard, Molly Hartwell, and Ryan Herr lend their respective talents, and ably assist on Grandfather Gold. The journey's embarkation point is an eponymous opening number, like the record itself, a confident, potent declaration of arrival. From there, Parks leads the listener on an adventure that is all things earnest, effervescent, and emotional; delivered in a language that everybody can easily understand.

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