Future, Sex, Computers by The Polish Ambassador

If you happen to catch him performing live, the first thing you’ll probably notice about The Polish Ambassador is his odd choice in onstage attire. Donning a yellow and white ski suit and a pair of dark-tinted aviators, the Oakland artist is hard to miss. That’s true, of course, until he starts the set. At that point, he might as well be hiding behind a silk curtain: you won’t be paying attention to anything but the music. Intricate and full of deep colors, The Polish Ambassador (aka David Sugalski) is determined to craft a soundscape more picturesque than any of his contemporaries. Transcending mood and genre, he exhibits his artistic prowess to the fullest with his new full-length release Future, Sex, Computers. 

In a genre where the status quo is to crank the low-end, the opener, “Quantum Peeps,” sounds less like a bass blast and more like a flurry of beeps. Glitch, electro, hip-hop, and funk all get play here, but instead of sounding like a messy collage, Sugalski finds away to make it all work. This is pure head-nod stuff, but by the time he gets to “Save, Develop, Protect” a searing emotional quality starts to shine through. A lot of that comes from purely from his musicianship. Sugalski is a master of composition, and where some of his peers would be content with knob-twiddling, he pushes for something more in his progressions. 


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