Color Of Flight by The Polish Ambassador

    The Polish Ambassador has returned from a faraway exploration, traveling from ocean to river, mountain to jungle, and across the great lands. For the past calendar year, the world's funkiest diplomat has gone both international and intergalactic, immersing himself in the cultures and sounds beyond the realms of space and time. The fruits of these expeditions are curated in the newest collection of all original music from TPA, entitled Color of Flight. 

    The Jumpsuited One shimmies away from the hip hop medium that has populated several of his recent releases, instead offering a globalized romp through a cornucopia of styles and rhythms.  Opener "Take Flight" is a meditative build with ethereal patience, embellished by heart filling chants, flamenco guitars and horn stabs.  First single "Punjab Shuffle" channels northerly India, a sultry swagger with  snake-charming sensibility. TPA crystallizes the vision of his last few records, with a nod to his glitch hop past and a firm leap into the future, as the electro-funk remains omnipresent. "Que Rico" is a throwback bhangra-cumbia jam, and features Jumpsuit compadre Saqi on a luscious trumpet solo. Squeezebox salsafies the air, mixed with a hefty,  fertile percussion gumbo. 

    "All Night Long" finds TPA keeping the party pumping with retro-housequake, 80's club music  scribbles its way through 'Quiet Storm' guitars and staccato riddims. "La Que Quiero" features Antibalas henchman Chico Mann on vocals, and in-house Jumpsuit co-producer Ryan Herr on ornate acoustic guitars.  "Love is All" manifests dreamy electro pop, welcoming in the spring season with lush green instrumentation sipping on a Reagan-era vintage, Polish injecting a feelgood  dose of elated handclaps, mining the deep end of sensuality with didgeridoo tones and soothing, sampled vocals. "Dark Between Stars" takes the patented TPA box of sonic Crayolas and colors an entirely original creation. At once textbook Polish and a decidedly new frontier, the search for new land continues no matter what galaxy he visits. 

    "Moon Mobius" takes a page from the recipes of both Booka Shade and Pantyraid, with a twist of succulent bass driven at mid-tempo, in tune with caustic lyrics in foreign, yet familiar tongues.  "Turtle Bird" features Scott Nice on co-production, and adopts the turntablist's tribalized technicolor tantra. "Midnight Radio" is the hidden b-boy banger, a sleeper jam laced deep in the cut, an undeniable dance-floor flame-show with organs, synths, guitars, flutes, and a smorgasbord of electronic flourishes. "Can't Gallop Without You" paints the finishing portrait, an as-advertised frenetic rumble through the annals of The Polish Ambassador's ever-evolving sound, from computer blips to steel drum skips and all bus stops between. This record is a rollicking run around the sun, an effervescent cocoon to the moon, and fantastic voyage through the stars,  following signs written in the Color of Flight. 


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