Circling Out by Dropical

“Best known as the sound-scientist-producer-dj behind NorCal-based hip-hop quintet Ultimate Fantastic, Dropical is an astral-futurist levitating towards an imaginary point of destination. The idiosyncratic producer/multi-instrumentalist blurs any preconceived distinctions between disparate influences; bass, funk, hip-hop, and psychedelia are dynamically woven together with global elements of rhythm. On his latest solo EP, the inter-dimensional Circling Out (Jumpsuit Records), Dropical mines an undiscovered crevasse between dusty record crates, lysergic, sun-kissed future-R&B, and avant-garde twerkonometry. The producer boldly sketches geometric patterns that take flight, landing close enough to the shores of contemporary pop that one can hear the colors in the void.” - B. Getz

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