Make It by Heather Christie

Following her music video “People” which has sparked quite a public online debate about racial equality last fall, Christie is taking on a new approach with this new EP, encouraging people to take a step into making it in their own way. Christis says:  “On American Idol, I got told to sell a story, but ended up getting sold short of who I am; and left the show feeling like I never got a chance to show who I truly am. From here on out, I want to be myself.”Produced by rising star Nate Hendrix out of 25th Street Studios in Oakland, the EP “Make It” is coming out fall 2019 on Jumpsuit Records. Riding on a reggaeton-inspired beat with an R&B flavor coursing through the vocals, this is the second collaboration of Christie with Hendrix. To learn more about Heather see her website:, and find her on social media as @HeatherCSongs.

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