Electric Sunshine by Dropical feat. Ashley Edwards

Ultimate Fantastic’s talented production maestro Dropical is back with “Electric Sunshine” (feat. Ashley Edwards), the smooth first single off his forthcoming EP Circling Out (Jumpsuit Records). The NorCal multi-instrumentalist brings a buoyant electro-pop sound right out of the gates, the foundation built upon a playful four-on-the-floor groove, choral electric pianos, sparse hit-hats & handclaps, with a memorable melodic turn from Durango, CO singer/songwriter Ashley Edwards. “Electric Sunshine” is digitized thump surfing a warm, organic bassline and Edwards’ sultry verses; a scintillating R&B vocal that rides and glides between Dropical’s geometric soundscapes and patented eclectic feel, before the duo breaks it down, sliding into a sexy half-time, synth-bass outro that is nothing if not infectious.

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