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With a catalogue of 25 records, Jumpsuit Records has curated an expansive array of music available for your marketing needs. Chill, upbeat, progressive, nostalgic, Jumpsuit has it all. Whether it be a crowd funding video, a snowboard product launch video, a network television program, or a simple Youtube video license, we have provided affordable licenses in many different formats for many different media outlets. Get in touch about an affordable license to suit your needs.

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About Jumpsuit

The true story behind this inter planetary force of nature

Jumpsuit Records is a music curation project of The Polish Ambassador and his cohort of scientists, spirit animals and vibe consultants. Part record label, part booking agency, Jumpsuit aims to offer a steady supply of nutritious auditory vitamins in digital music format as well as live music performance.

Expect an eclectic palette of sounds coming from the Jumpsuit camp: Electronic, post-folk, neo-funk, world, acoustic, hip hop, and experimental are but a smattering. There's no limit to the sounds we boost into the far reaches of the galaxy because well....we love all styles of music.

For all digital music on Jumpsuit, we have a "name your price" policy. It's our way of hooking EVERYONE up with fresh tunes. And for those who choose to financially support Jumpsuit Records and its artists, a significant portion of your contribution goes to, The Polish Ambassador's non-profit. For a larger glimpse of that project, check out

Thanks for reading this. Thanks for listening. Thanks for supporting Jumpsuit. Check back soon. We're sure to have some new tunes to whet your whistle.